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Do you have the latest RII Statement of Attainment?

RTO Standards clearly state that – ‘If a student provides suitable evidence they have successfully completed a unit or module at any RTO, the RTO must provide credit for the unit or module’.

The recent changes in the RII package has resulted in equivalent qualifications giving us the opportunity to of a Credit Transfer to upgrade.

When a unit has been reviewed and has no major changes this will result in minor changes to the unit code or title e.g. RIIMPO317E code to RIIMPO317F code as was done with the RII Package in January 2019, this indicates that the outcomes of the unit have remained substantially the same and there is at least 80% commonality with the original unit.

Important:  Providing credit transfer for previous studies is not recognition of prior learning (RPL).


What is the difference?

Credit Transfer – is recognising the equivalence in content and learning outcomes between different types of learning and/or qualifications previously undertaken and completed successfully.

RPL – is an assessment-only pathway of determining the competence of a person. If a qualification is superseded or discontinued, this is a clear indication that industry needs have changed, and the previous qualification is no longer the most suitable and retraining / RPL must be undertaken.

1-2 Units
Per Unit
1 x Unit of Competency = $200
2 x Units of Competencies = $400
3-5 Units
Most Popular
Per Unit
3 x Units of Competencies = $525
4 x Units of Competencies = $700
5 x Units of Competencies = $875
6+ Units
Per Unit
6 x Units of Competencies = $900
10 x Units of Competencies = $1500
All 17 Units of Competencies = $2550

Upgrade today in 5 quick, easy and painless steps for as little as $150 per Qualification.

  1. Select tickets to be upgraded below. (Click “Upgrade” on each ticket you would like to upgrade)
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  2. Click on the Shopping Cart (top right hand corner or in the menu at the top of the page on your phone or tablet))
  3. Pay online. Pay via paypal
  4. Enroll (complete the form that will be emailed to you via link following payment contact us)
  5. Provide a copy of Current Qualification/s and Driver’s License / Passport (photos are acceptable)
  6. Your updated qualification/s once one of our qualified assessors have signed off on your credit transfer application.
RII Unit Title
Previous RII Unit Code/s
Current RII Unit Code
Upgrade Today
Conduct Self Propelled Compactor Operations RIIMPO316A
RIIMPO316E Upgrade
Conduct Roller Operations RIIMPO317A
RIIMPO317F Upgrade
Conduct Civil Construction Skid Steer Loader Operations RIIMPO318B
RIIMPO318F Upgrade
Conduct Backhoe / Loader Operations RIIMPO319A
RIIMPO319F Upgrade
Conduct Civil Construction Excavator Operations RIIMPO320A
RIIMPO320F Upgrade
Conduct Civil Construction Wheeled Front End Loader Operations RIIMPO321A
RIIMPO321F Upgrade
Conduct Civil Construction Tracked Front End Loader Operations RIIMPO322A
RIIMPO322E Upgrade
Conduct Civil Construction Dozer Operations RIIMPO323A
RIIMPO323E Upgrade
Conduct Civil Construction Grader Operations RIIMPO324A
RIIMPO324F Upgrade
Conduct Civil Construction Scraper Operations RIIMPO325A
RIIMPO325E Upgrade
Conduct Civil Construction Water Cart Operations RIIMPO326A
RIIMPO326E Upgrade
Conduct Belly Dump Truck Operations RIIMPO336D RIIMPO336E Upgrade
Conduct Articulated Haul Truck Operations RIIMPO337D RIIMPO337E Upgrade
Conduct Rigid Haul Truck Operations RIIMPO338D RIIMPO338E Upgrade
Conduct Tip Truck Operations RIIVEH304A
RIIVEH304D Upgrade
Operate Elevating Work Platform RIIHAN301B
RIIHAN301E Upgrade
Conduct Telescopic Materials Handler Operations RIIHAN309A
RIIHAN309F Upgrade